Organisation and Structure


The AFZ, along with the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), form the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF).  His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe is the Commander-in-Chief of the ZDF. The ZDF falls under the Ministry of Defence (MOD).


The AFZ is structured in such a way as to enable it to fulfill its primary role of defending the country’s airspace and sovereignty.  The AFZ is a versatile organization employing a number of professionals besides the pilots who fulfill the core-business of the AFZ, which is defending Zimbabwe’s airspace.

There are two main branches that make up the AFZ, namely Operations and Supporting Services.  Each branch has a number of directorates under it.

Command Hierarchy

Commander AFZ

Air Marshal E Moyo

Chief of Staff Operations

Air Vice Marshal B Chingono

Chief of Staff Supporting Services

Air Vice Marshal J J Nzvede