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Air Force of Zimbabwe

The Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) was founded in 1980 when the country achieved majority rule. It was built from the integration of three belligerent forces that fought each other during the liberation struggle, also known as Chimurenga II.

As a result, the young pilots were integrated into the AFZ in significant numbers and instructor pilots were also trained. Today the AFZ locally trains its pilots and technicians as well as some from other SADC countries.


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Primary Roles of the AFZ

Defend Zimbabwe's Airspace

A tactical force with the constitutional responsibility of defending the Zimbabwean Airspace against foreign incursion.

Effective counter-strike force

A patriotic, loyal, highly professional well trained and hard-hitting air force for the defence of the Nation.

Close air support to Zimbabwe's ground forces

Small well equipped, robust and hard-hitting air force capable of defending Zimbabwe's Airspace.

Support civil powers in maintenance of law and order

The AFZ only moves in to support the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) on request.

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Seconadary Roles

The Four secondary roles of the AFZ are as follows:

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Head Office

Air Force of Zimbabwe

Air Force Headquarters

Private Bag 7721 Causeway

Phone: +263 242 -799529

Email: afzpr@afz.gov.zw

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