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Search and Rescue

The AFZ fixed wing aircraft are assigned the search and rescue role. Ranges from search for missing aircraft, rescuing people and/ animals during flooding

Casualty Evacuation

Depending on the ground situation, either helicopters or fixed wing aircraft carry out the casualty evacuation task

VIP and VVIP transport support

The AFZ is involved in the transportation of senior government officials whenever their duties require them to fly

Defend Zimbabwe's airspace

A small, well equipped, robust and hard-hitting tactical force with the constitutional responsibility of defending the Zimbabwean Airspace against foreign incursion.

Ceremonial Fly-Past

The AFZ carries out ceremonial fly past during national events including Opening of Parliament, independence Day, Heroes Day and ZDF Day celebrations.

Civil Aid and Support

The fourth primary role of the AFZ is to support civil powers in the maintenance of law and order as well as provide civil aid community assistance.


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